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The presence of ferrous metal and the town's port have dominated life in Piombino for thousands of years. This coastal town has always been considered strategically important; overlooking the islands of the Tuscan archipelago and kilometers and kilometers of the region's coastline. The economic strength of Piombino derives from both its port and the area's significant mineral reserves. Many think of Piombino primarily as a place from where boats full of holidaymakers depart for Elba or Sardinia.

Surprisingly few stop to take the time to admire the town's many impressive buildings: its star-shaped castle, symbol of the all powerful Medici family; the perimeter walls which Leonardo da Vinci had plans to reinforce; the 15th century Palazzo dei Priori (the façade of which was added during Italy's fascist period); and the Cathedral of San Antimo, noteworthy for its Romanesque exterior and charming Renaissance style cloisters.

The history of Piombino dates all the way back to the times when the Etruscans built an important port here. The recently discovered settlements of Baratti and Populonia have provided precious information concerning the area's Etruscan origins. Two museums have been realized, both of which document Piombino's historical importance: the Museum of the City and Castle and the Populonia Archaeological Museum.

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