Villa Mangiacane (Historical Residences) San Casciano

This hotel is no longer part of the collection

Villa Mangiacane Historical Residences San Casciano
Villa Mangiacane
Via Faltignano, 4 - 50026 San Casciano (Firenze)
Tel. +39 055 8290123
Fax +39 055 8290358

From its superb position high up on the hillside above Sant'Andrea in Percussina, a mere 12 kilometers away from Florence, the period residence Villa Mangiacane enjoys stunning views over the Tuscan countryside and out towards the quite unmistakable forms of the region's much admired capital city, rising up majestically in the distance.

The first owner of the villa was the Cardinal Francesco Maria Machiavelli, and it is rumored that the services of no other than the great Michelangelo were sought so as to design the building. In 1645, the Marquis Mazzei acquired the property and the villa remained in the family hands for centuries, right up until the mid 1900's. It was not until the year 2000 that Glynn Cohen, a Southern-African entrepreneur, bought the at that time seriously neglected Villa Mangiacane and set about restoring the villa and the extensive gardens, vineyards, and olive groves which surround it.

Now a stunning 26 bedroom hotel, complete with two swimming pools, and gourmet restaurant, Villa Mangiacane also functions as unique venue for contemporary art, where the work of artists from every corner of the globe, from Zimbabwe to Lithuania is exhibited.

Excellent modern Italian food, often inspired by International cuisine, features on menus presented to guests dining either in Villa Mangiacane's elegant dining room or in the Vinoteque cellar. The wine list features an impressive selection of wines, including the Villa Mangiacane's own highly acclaimed Chianti Classic D.O.C.G , Aleah I.G.T, and Shamiso. During the hot Tuscan summer, lunch is served outside in the 'herb garden or by the pool. Those eager to learn more about the region's cuisine, will enjoy Francesca Maria Boni's lessons in Tuscan cooking.

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