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ItalyTraveller suggest a selection of boutique hotels together with vacation ideas, special offers and insider tips useful for planning trips and weekends in Italy.

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What makes ItalyTraveller different from other travel portals

ItalyTraveller is the site for travellers who love planning their holidays independently, selecting places and hotels with a soul: boutique hotels, b&b, hotels de charme, historical residences...

Don't you have time (or the will) to scrutinize hotel lists and reviews? We have selected for you the most particular and charming hotels for each region of Italy. Hotel Managers can request affiliation but the acceptance depend exclusively on us. Paying is not enough to obtain the approval to be displayed on ItalyTraveller.

What you can do on ItalyTraveller

  • Get Inspired:
    Have you already planned the next trip? Choose among our destinations to find out about the best hotels and the most exciting travel experiences; choose your itinerary according to your own passions: taste, art, wellness.
  • Select and book:
    On ItalyTraveller you find only the most beautiful and hotels: you can make an online booking or contact directly the owers, according their request. In any case on our website you can find useful information, like email address and phone number.
  • Plan your trip:
    Check the insider tips about your destination, read our itineraries and travel ideas. Once back home, leave your review about your stay and tell us your experience.

What you can do on ItalyTraveller

  • Are you an hotel manager?
    If you think that your hotel is “special”, check our commercial details and join us filling out our “Affiliation Application Form
  • Are you a blogger or a journalist?
    Write a post/article on ItalyTraveller or apply for collaborating with us here

Who's behind ItalyTraveller

ItalyTraveller is a project run by Caprionline, a travel web-agency based in Capri and Napoli. We have two big passions: the web and travelling. We like well projected websites as much as we like well planned trips.

Travelling well means choosing charme hotels, eating in restaurants that prepare typical local food, following different paths from the ones chosen by mass tourism. We like discovering hidden spots and local peculiarities, often ignored by the main travel portals. We aim at the most indelible experience according to the budget at our disposal.

So, in 2000 we decided to start collecting our favourite locations on ItalyTraveller.com
, but since we haven't been everywhere in Italy, we asked for help to the insiders - people who live in a specific territory and know it inside and out - and they accepted to give us their travel tips.

Till now we have collected

  • 102 Hotel
  • 31 Travel Ideas
  • 167 Insider tips